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In these crazy time, it is likely that voting this year could be challenging, for the town and individuals.  Absentee voting can be done early with no physical interaction.  As you know, election day is July 14.  Absentee ballots can be sent out by mail as early as June 14 and can be mailed back into the town OR dropped off at town hall in the ballot drop box outside.  These must be delivered by July 14 at 8PM but can be delivered anytime prior to that at your convenience.

You do not have to wait until June 14 to make the request, you can do it now.  To request your absentee ballot, go here…  Once you make the request online, the town will send you the ballot in the mail; fill it out and send it back via mail or deliver it to the Town Hall drop box by July 14 at 8PM.

If my values, concerns and vision for the future align with yours, I’d appreciate your vote for Town Council.

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