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A little about me…

I’m a proud Mainer who has lived in Cumberland with my wife, Laura, since 2013. We have three children, Riley-14, Kelsey-11, and Colin-9. My wife teaches kindergarten in Windham. I own two small businesses, and, and volunteer in the community. I’m a Mason and am on the Cumberland Planning Board.

I grew up on a farm in Clinton, Maine, where I learned about hard work, and the importance of service, and helping neighbors. Those early experiences taught me to get involved and to make things better. I’ve carried those values with me as a dad and community member. I started my first business at age 16 and opened a retail store at age 19. There’s no better way to learn fiscal responsibility or how to stretch a dollar than making your own payroll.

While I was accepted at Embry-Riddle to be a pilot, I did not go. My “year off” turned into a retail store venture where I learned through simply figuring it out and putting in the hours. Like so many young people, I had intended to return to school after taking a year off but quite honestly, I more enjoyed getting to work and making it happen rather than discussing it too much.  And so, I just kept on working and learning from life and I’ve been self-employed all but 5 years since I was 19. Mine was not a traditional path but I’ve had a lot of success. My journey gives me a perspective that is not often represented in public school leadership.

My experience also leads me to emphasize the incredible opportunities for today’s post-secondary students outside of the 4-year bachelor’s degree and the important role public education plays in building up the entire community. We should celebrate those who graduate understanding how to wire a 3-way/4-way circuit as much as we do those who leave for the Ivy League.

I cannot endorse Jason Record enough – as a father, friend, businessman, and genuinely concerned citizen! PLEASE SINCERELY CONSIDER him for your vote for school board on June 8th…
Jen Bohr Tyll
Jason Record - Maine
1 year ago
GPCOG 2019 Cumberland Growth Report | Jason Record - Cumberland Center, Maine

Here is the GPCOG town growth report mentioned. Anyone concerned with our town and schools' growth should find it interesting...

GPCOG 2019 Cumberland Growth Report by jason | Apr 22, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments GPCOG-19-05-14-Cumberland-Memo-on-GrowthDownload   This report, done for the planning board last year, gives ... See more

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