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Jason Record

Thank you for visiting my site. I am running for one of two open seats on the MSAD 51 School Board. The election is June 8, 2021 and absentee ballots are already available at the Cumberland Town Office.

Why am I running?
I have an unshakable desire to do so. I want to serve and make things better and more sustainable long-term. I am not fully pleased with how things have gone recently in our school district and I think I can help. After much thought, I couldn’t not run and at least try to make things better for our wonderful towns.

At first glance, our schools are quite attractive and why wouldn’t they be, we have amazing teachers and staff that serve amazing parents and very smart students. So why is our district so divided and so many people upset? In my opinion, we have lost focus at the top; we have allowed distractions.  Distractions that are not helpful for forming our next band of leaders and innovators in our world.  With the caliber of teacher, resident and student we have here, we have a duty to our world to make sure our kids are best prepared to help (and solve) the challenges facing us in coming years and decades – we have some big ones for sure.  There are many parts to creating a healthy, happy, productive member of society and it certainly “takes a village” to accomplish that. I fear, though, our district leadership is pushing aside the core functions or priorities of our schools and allowing less important things to get in the way – that isn’t helping the students, teachers or parents.  I am not in favor of anything that distracts or impedes our students and teachers from helping every student meet their full potential. The worst thing we can do is, directly or indirectly, prevent a child from meeting their potential.

Why vote for me?…
I’m running for sustainability and an approach that we can all get behind, now and for the long term. If we simply want to look at the anecdotal evidence, most of us might agree that the results of recent times have been divisive. I’m running for better balance and to give people a voice and to offer greater diversity of thinking on the board. I look for ways to make things better and I am not afraid to ask the hard questions when needed. I prefer logic and data over emotions and prefer to focus on solutions rather than problems. I am detail oriented and think any good solution comes down to the details that properly incentivizes and balances all sides of a problem. I do not automatically accept the prognosis of a situation that is given to me by others – I will not submit to group-think. I always question whether what is being done is RIGHT and proven, and if there is a better way. I try hard not to let pride and ego become part of the equation and I am pleased to help someone else bring a good idea to fruition. I am able to vote against my own self-interests if it serves the greater good and I do that for the best long-term, sustainable approach.  I appreciate and welcome thoughtful solutions from our residents – I will listen to your input. I think our schools are great and want to help keep them that way and continue to be an example of good Maine values. I encourage all residents to get involved and stay involved with your thoughtful input and good solutions to today’s problems. Let’s work on good, long-term solutions – speak up, if elected, I will be listening!

Jason is exactly what we need here. He’s a successful and pragmatic entrepreneur from Maine. We would be fortunate to have him represent us… …I fully support Jason. I don’t know a better human.
Ron Greco
Jason Record - Maine
1 year ago
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