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Jason Record

Thank you for visiting the site. I’m running for Town Council for Cumberland Maine (Cumberland Center Seat). Election to be held July 14, 2020.

Why am I running?
Foremost, because of a years-long, unshakable desire to do so. I have a need to serve and make things better and sustainable. After much debate about life and work commitments, I decided April 7th, that I MUST run. To not try, would disappoint myself.

I do not have a flashy platform or something to rectify with the town. In general, our town is a fantastic place and hard to beat. We have great schools, great officials, great services and great people.  I want to help make sure it stays that way for a long time and allow those that have been here for decades also afford to stay. I like to say Cumberland is central to everywhere and a shortcut to nowhere which makes our town wonderfully convenient yet quiet – what a wonderful geography. It’s what I love about it and I want to help keep it that way.  I am running to bring some diversity to the town council and to help with the areas that need a better balance so our town will still be as great long into the future. We have an amazing community of smart, thoughtful, good-hearted people here, I am sure with everyone’s input and good ideas, we can build a solid future.

If I had to speak of concerns with our town, I would voice concerns over spending and the long term viability of our growth rate and capital expenditures. I’d like to maintain our positive role/position in Maine but look at ways to curb spending and “flatten the curve” for a better long term approach. We need a better balance of spending, growth and sustainability. This would also help our aging-in-place community afford to stay here. Keeping our older residents here helps keep the feel of our community and also helps slow growth in our schools as clearly shown in last years GPCOG report on the growth of our schools and town.

I also feel the Council could have a better cross section of representation for our younger residents. I have 3 school age children (Riley, Kelsey, Colin) and my priorities may differ from those of other Council members.

I want to hear from our community. I have my own thoughts but with all the wonderfully smart people in our town, I’m sure there are more and better ideas out there about how to improve our town and build a sustainable future. I will bring those thoughts to the Council – please share.

I’d appreciate your vote July 14.

Why vote for me?…

I’m running for sustainability. I’m running for better balance and to give people a voice. I look for ways to make things better and I am not afraid to ask the hard questions when needed. I prefer logic and facts over emotions and prefer to focus on solutions rather than problems. I am detail oriented and think any good solution comes down to the details that properly incentivizes and balances all sides of a problem. I do not automatically accept the prognosis of a situation that is given to me by others. I always question whether what is being done is RIGHT and if there is a better way. I try hard not to let pride and ego become part of the equation and I am pleased to help someone else bring a good idea to fruition. And I do that all for the greatest good and I do that for the best long-term, sustainable approach. Sustainability is something our town is struggling with right now and we need to do better in many areas. I will be a younger person on the council with school age children. I know the value of a dollar and how to stretch those dollars for best overall value… Not necessarily the best as the “best” usually has a premium price, but best value and most efficient. I appreciate all viewpoints and absolutely welcome thoughtful solutions from our residents – I will listen to your input. I want to help our senior residents be able to stay here – we owe it to them for building such an amazing town. I think our town is great and want to help keep it that way and continue to be an example of good Maine values. I encourage all residents to get involved and stay involved with your thoughtful input and good solutions to today’s problems. Let’s work on good, long-term solutions – speak up and share with your officials, if elected, I will be listening!  I would be proud to represent you.

I …want to say that Jason Record is a smart, dedicated, great guy and would represent Cumberland very well.
Jen Pincus
Jason Record - Maine
7 months ago
07-06-20 Monday

Today's radio broadcast with myself and Jen Tyll supporting our SRO.

Go to PART 4 on the page.

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7 months ago

I will be on WLOB tomorrow morning speaking in support of our school SRO. About 7am.

8 months ago
Meet the Candidates Night - Wednesday, June 24th

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To learn more about the candidates running for Town Council, visit the Town Website:

8 months ago
Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions

Absentee Voting Details...
Voting this year could be challenging. Absentee voting can be done early with no physical interaction. Election day is July 14. Absentee ballots can be sent out by mail ... See more

Online Absentee Ballot Request Use this online service to request your absentee ballot electronically. The ballot will be sent to you via postal mail and must be returned to your municipal clerk by ... See more

9 months ago
*Election - July 14, 2020* | Cumberland ME

On Tuesday, July 14th there will be a State Primary & Referendum, Municipal, and MSAD #51 Budget Validation Referendum Election. Absentee Ballots

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Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions

In these crazy time, it is likely that voting this year could be challenging, for the town and individuals. Absentee voting can be done early with no physical interaction. As you know, election day ... See more

Online Absentee Ballot Request Use this online service to request your absentee ballot electronically. The ballot will be sent to you via postal mail and must be returned to your municipal clerk by ... See more

10 months ago
GPCOG 2019 Cumberland Growth Report | Jason Record - Cumberland Center, Maine

Here is the GPCOG town growth report mentioned. Anyone concerned with our town and schools' growth should find it interesting...

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Alex Lear of The Forecaster was kind enough to include me in interviews for an article. Below is our discussion on some important current issues. I welcome residents' input.

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10 months ago

As of April 8th, it's official, I'm running for Town Council for Cumberland. All residents get to vote on all seats but the 7 seats are broken out as West Cumberland, Cumberland Center, Foreside and ... See more

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